Hey Parents! It is time to go back to school! We understand how stressful it can get preparing your children for the beginning of school. So, we put together school information for the Lake Nona Area you can use to prepare your kids for the new school year. 

School Schedule in Lake Nona 

**Classes return for all Orange County Public Schools & Osceola County Public Schools on August 10th, 2022.** 

Here are the District Calendars for both Orange & Osceola County Public Schools: 

To check where you are zoned for this coming school year, use these links: Orange County Zoning & Osceola County Zoning  

Below is a list of all the schools in the Lake Nona Area:

Head to our website, latelymag.com, where you can find web links pertaining to each of these schools. 



Middle School:

High School:


We understand back to school is for all ages, including those attending surrounding colleges. Here is a list of all the colleges in the Lake Nona Area: 


Back to School Tax Holiday 

 **From July 25th to August 7th, 2022** 

The tax break is for clothing, footwear, and backpacks costing $100 or less, school supplies and learning aids costing $50 or less, and personal computers or computer-related accessories, including non-recreational software costing $1,500 or less. Check out our Tax Holidays article to learn more about other tax holidays that are going on right now!  

How to Save While Shopping For Back To School

Besides the sales tax holiday on these items, you can actually save more after school is already in session. Most stores have sales and mark-down pricing on items once they are considered ‚Äúout of season‚ÄĚ which means during the end of August and usually starting in September. Big-name brands such as Walmart, Target, and Walgreens usually have really good deals that are too good to pass up. Keep a lookout for coupons on pens and pencils since those are the things kids tend to lose or use up the most. Plus, once these products are on clearance or marked down it is best to stock up for the next year in advance to have the bulk of these items for cheap.¬†

End of Summer Fun

Here are some fun events happening in the community to get you pumped for back to school! 

  • Back to School Bash on August 5-7 held at Boxi Park¬†
  • Back to School Barbeque on August 14 held at Crescent Park


Although there is a limited quantity of bus drivers this school year, buses are going to provide a mode of transportation to students attending public schools. Bus route assignments for this upcoming school year become available on August 1st, 2022, in Orange County. If you are interested in finding your child’s designated bus, you can find that information on the Orange County Public Schools website and the Osceola County Public Schools website. You can find the corresponding links on our website at latelymag.com. 

Food & Lunch 

All Florida public schools have a school lunch program where students can purchase breakfast and lunch. If you are from a low-income household, you may qualify for free and reduced lunch. That application is available on the Orange County Public Schools website and the Osceola County Public Schools website. We have the webpage links available on our website at latelymag.com for those interested. 


VPK stands for Voluntary Prekindergarten Education program. This program helps prepare children aged 4-5 years old for kindergarten. VPK is a FREE program offered by Florida’s Public Schooling system. You will have to provide your child’s transportation since VPK students do not ride the bus. You are not required to enroll your child into VPK; however, it is strongly encouraged to help prepare your child for kindergarten. Here is a link to Orange County Public Schools Early Childhood Program and the Osceola County Public Schools Early Childhood Program, where you can find more information regarding VPK. You can find more information about Orange County and Osceola County Public School Early Childhood Programs on our website, latelymag.com. 

We hope those living in the Lake Nona Area find this information helpful and insightful. At Lately Magazine, we wish all Central Florida residents a smooth and easy transition back to school!   


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