Looking to remodel your bathroom? We put together a list of popular bathroom flooring trends to help you pick out your next design idea for your home! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend tiling, waterproof vinyl, waterproof laminate, or sheet vinyl bathroom flooring. After all, these are your best chances of creating a mildew-resistant environment within your bathroom. The most trendy choice out of these is definitely tiling. Below are popular bathroom flooring trends for 2022 that we think is here to stay. 


Bathroom Flooring Trends

Faux wood 

Faux wood flooring in a modern bathroom

Tiles that are printed and designed to look like real hardwood floors are being increasingly popular. They are great with water and you can barely even tell that they are tile! Many people enjoy styling their homes with reclaimed wood coloring and there is an abundance of tiles that are colored just like that! Besides, if you are worried about a grout line you have the choice to have next to no grout making the wood tiles look seamless. Plus, if you don’t want to worry about a grout line, waterproof vinyl can make it really look like wood. 



hexagonal tiles

Geometric and linear shapes are in. The shape that many designers are drawn to this year is the hexagon. Not to mention the continued use of the subway tile too! Geometric and linear tiles help create a clean and sleek look for a more modern and updated finish.  



chevron pattern tiling

Patterns including chevron, two tones, and stencil designs are some of the most popular selections. These designs are growing in popularity so they come in all varieties with many different colors to select from as well. Patterns can add a colorful yet subtle touch of contrast. 



10 bathroom flooring trends for 2022

We understand how costly marble can become, however, if it fits your budget, then it can be a great design choice. Besides the fact that marble helps raise the value of most homes, it is a timeless and classic option when it comes to designing a bathroom. Marble is not only sophisticated but it is clean and can add a heightened touch.   


Textured floors 

textured flooring

Textured floors are great to have especially if you want to keep from having slippery floors with the presence of water. Not only is the texture meant to be functional to keep it from being slippery but they add depth and contrast to the color palette as well. 


Terrazzo bathroom tiles 

10 bathroom flooring trends for 2022

Evidently, terrazzo tiling is one of if not the most durable flooring options in the market. It does not chip away and it is water and stain-resistant. Similarly to most tiles, terrazzo tiles come in a multitude of colors which is convenient and versatile.


Earth tones 

Modern bathroom that has geometric tiling and neutral colors.

Neutral and earthy tones help create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere and a spa-like bathroom. Generally, this color palette creates a relaxing environment that allows you to easily unwind and cleanse. 


Penny tiles 

10 bathroom flooring trends for 2022

Penny tiles are small tiles that are usually in sheet form since the individual tiles can be rather small by themselves. These tiles are typically used for shower flooring and come in all different colors. A popular go-to is a black and white selection that sometimes has flower mosaic built into the tile sheets. 



mosaic flooring

Speaking of mosaics, these are a great way to add some differentiation into the bathroom that allows for a pop of variety. 


Pebble tiling 

10 bathroom flooring trends for 2022

Pebble tiles add a more earthy aspect. These tiles provide texture and organic shapes. Also, pebble tiles are great if you are going for a spa-like or natural-styled bathroom.

Helpful Tip: Seal the grout in your bathroom. This is something many people don’t do and it should be done annually. Sealing your bathroom grout helps reduce mold growth and keep the longevity of your grout a little longer. 


Final Thoughts 

We hope that the list of trends we put together helps you decide on your next bathroom flooring! Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below what you think! 


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