Recreational vehicles (RVs) offer a great amount of independence to cruise the open road and explore new places for adventurous tourists and explorers. Finding a secure and dependable storage option for your cherished RV in Orlando becomes a major consideration when you aren’t on an exciting adventure. The BEST RV storage choices in the Orlando area will be covered in this article, along with tips on how to protect your valuable investment and maintain peace of mind when you’re not using your RV.

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What type of storage options are there for RVs in Orlando?

Outdoor RV storage is a common and cost-effective option in Orlando. Numerous storage facilities across the city offer vast open lots where you can park your RV. While this option may be budget-friendly, it lacks the added security and protection against the elements that enclosed storage provides. However, for short-term storage needs, outdoor lots can be a viable choice.

Nevertheless, for RV owners seeking maximum protection and peace of mind, indoor storage facilities in Orlando offer the best solution. These enclosed units shield your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, hail, and scorching heat. Additionally, indoor storage significantly reduces the risk of theft or vandalism, as these facilities typically boast advanced security systems and surveillance measures.

RV Storage in Orlando

An RV is a significant investment, so keeping it safe from the weather and prospective thieves is crucial to preserving both its longevity and value. If your RV is not kept properly, Florida’s erratic weather, which includes hurricanes and harsh sunshine, can damage it. As a result, locating the best RV storage facility in Orlando might make all the difference.

To assist with your search, below is a list of Orlando’s Top RV Storage Facilities. Let’s explore the top choices, ensuring your RV is safeguarded until your next thrilling journey.

St. John’s Big Toy Lockers

 St. John’s Big Toy Lockers is a premier vehicle storage facility catering to adventurers seeking peace of mind and excellent service. Their state-of-the-art indoor storage units are climate-controlled, ensuring your RV is shielded from harsh weather conditions. With round-the-clock surveillance and on-site staff, St. John’s Big Toy Lockers prioritizes the security of your cherished motorhome.


Fortress Storage 

Fortress Storage prides itself on offering comprehensive storage solutions for various needs, including RVs. This Orlando-based facility features spacious outdoor parking options suitable for large toys like RVs and boats. Their well-lit premises and secure gating system provide added peace of mind. Fortress Storage’s competitive pricing and flexible rental options make them an attractive choice for short or long-term RV storage.


Boat RV & Auto Storage of West Orange 

If you reside in West Orange County and need a reliable RV storage solution, look no further than Boat RV & Auto Storage. This facility offers covered and outdoor storage options for RVs, ensuring protection from the elements. Their professional staff and security measures, such as video surveillance and fiber optic sensored fence, keep your RV safe and sound until your next journey.


Metro Self Storage Orlando

Orlando’s Metro Self Storage facility is another reputable brand in the storage business. Metro Self Storage offers RV storage units, excellent amenities, and reliable security measures in various unit sizes. Their helpful staff is always willing to help you, which makes the storage procedure simple.


Public Storage 

Multiple Locations

With numerous locations across Orlando, Public Storage is a convenient option for RV owners looking for accessible and budget-friendly storage solutions. While not exclusively catering to RVs, their large storage units can accommodate motorhomes and provide a secure environment for your vehicle.


Map of RV Storage in Orlando



  • What size storage do I need for RV?

26-foot class B recreational vehicles fit well in a 10′ x 26′ area. Class A RVs as well as long boats and trailers may fit in a 10′ x 30′ area.

  • How much is RV storage in Orlando?

RV storage typically costs around $130 a month. This price depends on a number of variables, including security, indoor or outdoor parking, and facility access.


Final Thoughts

The correct storage facility may make all the difference in protecting your prized motorhome when it comes time to store it and take a vacation from your excursions. You have a lot of great alternatives in Orlando, each with a different set of facilities and security features. Whether you prefer indoor climate-controlled storage like St. John’s Big Toy Lockers, or the outdoor spaciousness of Fortress Storage, there’s a perfect fit for every RV owner. Boat RV & Auto Storage of West Orange, Metro Self Storage Orlando, and Public Storage also provide reliable storage solutions for your wheeled home-away-from-home. So, rest easy knowing that your RV is safeguarded until you’re ready to hit the open road once more, making new memories and exploring new horizons. Enjoy Orlando!


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