If you are someone who enjoys coffee and has a love for cats, then cat cafes may be purrfect for you! Cat cafes are a special type of coffee shop where you can indulge in yummy bites and delicious drinks all while being surrounded by kitties! This type of cafe is very popular overseas and has gained more traction over recent years in the US. So much so that Orlando is lucky to have cat cafes of its very own! 

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The Beginning of Cat Cafes 

Before we take a look at Orlando cat cafes, we must first shed some light on the origins of cat cafes. Cat cafes may seem like a modern trend, but they actually have their roots in Taiwan, where the first cat cafe, called “Cat Flower Garden,” opened in 1998. The concept quickly gained popularity in Japan, where cat cafes became a common destination for locals and tourists alike. The first Japanese cat cafe, “Cat’s Store,” opened in Osaka in 2004, and since then, cat cafes have spread throughout Asia, with many popping up in South Korea, China, and other countries.

The success of cat cafes in Asia sparked interest in other parts of the world, and soon, cat cafes began to appear in Europe, North America, and beyond. Today, cat cafes are popular worldwide, and new ones continue to open in various cities around the globe. The concept of combining cats and coffee has proven to be a winning formula, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for animal lovers and coffee drinkers alike.

Cat Cafes in Orlando

Below you can find all of the Cat Cafes that Orlando has to offer!

Orlando Cat Cafe

The Orlando Cat Cafe is a must-visit destination for cat lovers in the Orlando area. Located in Clermont, Florida, this cafe offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for spending time with furry friends.

The cafe features a spacious, brightly lit room where customers can enjoy their coffee or snacks while interacting with the resident cats. The layout is designed to provide plenty of seating options, with comfy chairs and tables positioned throughout the room.

In addition to the delightful company of cats, the Orlando Cat Cafe offers a variety of tasty treats and beverages, including a selection of coffee, tea, and pastries. Visitors can enjoy their snacks and drinks while playing with the cats or simply relaxing and watching them play.

Adopting a furry companion is one of the most enticing parts of the Orlando Cat Cafe. The café collaborates with SPCA Florida to supply cats for adoption. Visitors may engage with the cats, learn about their personalities, and even adopt a new feline companion.

The Kitty Beautiful

Another popular cat café in the Orlando region, specifically in downtown Orlando, is The Kitty Beautiful. The café provides a warm and inviting ambience that is ideal for spending time with the kitties while enjoying a variety of beverages and food.

The cafe is cat-friendly, with numerous toys and structures for them to engage in on and explore. The setup is open and inviting, with separate places for cats and humans to unwind and enjoy the other’s company. 

The Kitty Beautiful serves a variety of drinks and sweets, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and pastries, in addition to the pleasant company of cats. Vegan choices are also available for people with dietary limitations.

The Kitty Beautiful, similar to the Orlando Cat Cafe, collaborates with a local rescue group, Cats-can Inc., to supply adoptable cats. Visitors may learn about the adoption procedure and interact with the cats in order to choose their ideal kitty companion.

Visiting The Kitty Beautiful is not only a delightful and unique experience, but it also allows you to assist local animal rescue operations.

Map of Orlando Cat Cafes

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, cat cafes are a popular and unique type of establishment that have become increasingly popular worldwide. In the Orlando area, there are two must-visit cat cafes: the Orlando Cat Cafe and The Kitty Beautiful.

Both cafes offer a relaxing atmosphere where customers can enjoy delicious drinks and snacks while interacting with the resident cats. Additionally, both cafes partner with local rescue organizations to provide cats that are available for adoption, giving visitors the opportunity to potentially give a loving home to a new furry friend.

Cat cafes are a testament to the enduring appeal of cats as beloved pets and companions. They offer a chance for people to relax and unwind while enjoying the company of these charming and often mischievous animals. If you’re in the Orlando area, be sure to check out the Orlando Cat Cafe and The Kitty Beautiful for a fun and unforgettable experience.

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