As we already know, Orlando, Florida is a hot spot for an array of delicious cuisines. Adding onto Orlando’s culinary diversity, it offers a mouthwatering variety of soul food restaurants. Join us as we take a culinary journey through some of the top soul food destinations in Orlando! 

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What is Soul Food? 

Soul food is a cherished cuisine that originated in African-American communities and has since become an integral part of American culinary heritage. Soul food is characterized by its hearty and comforting nature, often featuring dishes prepared with love, time, and care. It emphasizes the use of ingredients such as greens, cornmeal, sweet potatoes, okra, beans, and various meats, including pork, chicken, and fish. The cooking techniques employed, such as slow simmering, braising, and frying, contribute to the distinct flavors and textures that define soul food.

Soul Food in Orlando

Nikki’s Place Southern Cuisine

With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Nikki’s Place is the go-to spot for classics like crispy fried pork chops, mouthwatering collard greens, and savory macaroni and cheese. Be sure to indulge in their delectable sweet potato pie for a sweet ending to your meal.


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P & D Soulfood Kitchen

This family-owned eatery delights guests with their generous portions and flavorful dishes. From deliciously baked chicken to perfectly seasoned black-eyed peas, P & D Soulfood Kitchen offers a taste of home-cooked goodness that will leave you craving more.


Oley’s Kitchen & BBQ

If you’re in the mood for a fusion of soul food and barbecue, look no further than Oley’s Kitchen & BBQ. This charming establishment is renowned for its tender and succulent smoked meats, complemented by classic soul food sides. Indulge in their fall-off-the-bone ribs, sweet yellow rice, and red velvet cake for a truly satisfying meal.


The Licking Orlando

For a modern twist on soul food favorites, The Licking Orlando is a must-visit. This trendy restaurant combines soulful flavors with contemporary presentations, resulting in an unforgettable dining experience.


Kook’n With Kim

At Kook’n With Kim, you’ll discover soul food creations that taste like home. This cozy spot offers a menu brimming with Southern dishes prepared with an Asian influence. From their mouthwatering baked chicken to their perfect mac and cheese, Kook’n With Kim delivers soulful flavors that will leave you wanting more.


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Soul Food Fantasy

True to its name, Soul Food Fantasy offers an array of soul food delights that will transport you to food heaven. Indulge in their soul-stirring fried chicken, soul rolls, and flavorful fried okra.


The Coop

At The Coop, prepare to be amazed by their farm-to-table approach to soul food. This charming eatery serves up Southern classics made from scratch. From their crispy fried chicken and fluffy biscuits to their bread pudding, The Coop exemplifies the essence of homemade comfort food.


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Uncle Tony’s Backyard BBQ

Uncle Tony’s Backyard BBQ is a true hidden gem for barbecue enthusiasts seeking soulful flavors. With their slow-smoked meats, tangy barbecue sauces, and hearty sides, this cozy establishment captures the essence of backyard cookouts and family gatherings. Make sure to try their melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork and collard greens for an authentic taste of Southern barbecue.


Sister Soul Food

Sister Soul Food is a delivery only way to soul food in Orlando. Indulge in their tender smothered pork chops, savory collard greens, and creamy macaroni and cheese. They are definitely worth a try as their food is known to hit the spot!


Angel’s Soul Food & BBQ

Angel’s Soul Food & BBQ is a beloved spot that combines the best of soul food and barbecue into one tantalizing menu. This restaurant is a haven for food lovers seeking authentic Southern flavors.


Maryland Fried Chicken

Maryland Fried Chicken is one of the oldest chain restaurants that brings a touch of Southern charm to Orlando with their crispy and juicy fried chicken. This local favorite is renowned for its secret blend of spices that elevates their fried chicken to new heights. 



Last but certainly not least, we have Seana’s, a soul food gem known for its homestyle cooking and welcoming ambiance. This family-owned restaurant offers a variety of soul food classics.


Map of Soul Food in Orlando

Final Thoughts 

In Orlando, soul food enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a diverse range of restaurants offering delectable dishes that celebrate the rich flavors of this beloved cuisine. From traditional favorites to innovative twists, these soul food destinations in Orlando take pride in delivering soulful and satisfying meals. If soul food is what you are craving, we definitely recommend you to try these places out! Enjoy Orlando! 

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