Mother’s day has come and gone, but Father’s day is on the way! Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to give to that father figure in your life. We know it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate them, so we created a gift guide to help provide you with gift inspiration for all the dads!

Homemade Gift Ideas

Personally created gifts provide a profound sentimental touch to gift-giving. Here is a list of home-made gift ideas for Father’s Day.  

1. Personalized/ Homemade Card 

Personally created gifts provide a profound sentimental touch to gift-giving. Can’t find the right card that sends the perfect message? Make your own! A personalized card can provide a meaningful message from the heart and a uniqueness that store-bought can’t.

2. Personalized Mug 

Is your dad or father figure a coffee or tea lover? Make or personalize a mug from Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Joanns. 

3. Sew a Blanket/ Quilt

Is he a sports enthusiast or movie connoisseur? Sew a blanket or quilt for him to use while enjoying his favorite movie or sports game on the couch. 

4. Embroidery  

Maybe even embroider a message or team logo to deck out his man cave while you are at it.  


Bought Gift Ideas

We understand that homemade gifts may take a lot of time, and some of us are just too busy to make them, so here is a list of other gifts as well. 

1. Clothing (ex. Pants or Shorts)

We all know a man that doesn’t like shopping, especially when it comes to clothing. Make sure to know their clothing size or even measure him before shopping for clothing and check the size charts for the measurements of the different sizes online. That way you can help him find the perfect clothing and pick out the right size for him.

2. Sports-Related gifts 

If he is a sports enthusiast, get him his favorite player’s jersey. Memorabilia from his favorite team is always a fan favorite too. Also, you could never go wrong with tickets to see his favorite team.

3. Movie/ TV Show Related Gifts

Does he have a love for movies and shows? Try a movie or show merch from one of his faves. Maybe he has a favorite actor; see if you can get him a video from Cameo (a service where you can buy a personalized video from certain celebrities) of them wishing him a happy day for Father’s Day. 

4. Gag Gift 

Is your dad or father figure a jokester? Get him a gag gift he’ll surely love. Got an inside joke? Get a gift relating to your joke that is sentimental and funny.  

5. Boiled in a bag 

Is he a boiled peanut lover? Your father will love this gift. It is a bag of peanuts in a bag that you place into a boiling pot of water, once done according to the directions, it will be ready to eat! 

6. Pre made meals 

If your father figure lives alone, this is a great idea! Buy a subscription to a meal prep service like hello fresh to get pre-made meals, so he doesn’t have to worry about cooking or going out to grab something. Plus, if your dad is on a diet or health nut, this is great for his diet since it is healthy food.  

7. Beard facial or accessories

Super into grooming? We recommend a bread grooming kit or even a beard facial. Some spas and salons offer beard facials which are a relaxing gift too.  

8. Gift card for pedicure

Believe it or not, men like getting pampered and taking care of themselves too. Ladies understand how expensive nail salons can be, so why not give a gift card to his favorite place to get pedicures?    

9. Car wash or detail 

We all know a man who loves cars and taking care of his own. Car washes are popping up all over Central Florida, so why not get a gift card or prepaid subscription service for the dad who loves a clean car? Or give him the gift of a car detail? 

10. Flowers 

Like pedicures, men enjoy getting in touch with their feminine side; and some enjoy a nice set of flowers too. This is not a gift for every father, but some may like this sentiment. 


Give the Gift of Experience

Take him somewhere he will enjoy. Nothing is more precious than giving the gift of memories. Here is a list of more great gift ideas.

1. Concert Tickets 

2022 is the year of the concerts! So give the gift of your dad’s favorite band or musical artist in the form of an experience for you both to enjoy and make memories together. 

2. Brunch/ Lunch/ Dinner 

Most men love food and sometimes food is the way to a man’s heart. Taking your father out on his special day will make him feel extra special. So take him to his favorite place to eat! 

3. Take him somewhere he will enjoy 

Most importantly, you know your dad and father figure best. Ask yourself, what does he like? What are his favorite things? What is a passion of his? Based on your answers to these questions, this can help inspire you on what you should give to your dad this Father’s Day. 


Each dad can be tall or small, but we hope we helped you find the perfect gift for them all! Happy Father’s Day from us at Lately Magazine! 


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