July 4th is here! We wanted to share some of the historical significance about the men who made our independence happen. There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. However, there are seven signers who many consider to be the Founding Fathers of this country. These seven men are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Each of these men played a crucial part in the making of America. You may have heard about the Founding Fathers when learning about American Independence. However, do you know all they have done for our country? Keep reading to find out! 



The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16th, 1773. Britain’s response to the Boston Tea Party enacted more rules. One of these rules was the Intolerable Acts to oppress the colonists for their rebellious behavior. As a result, more colonists became unhappy. Those who opposed the rules passed by Parliament created Committees of Correspondence. These committees were throughout the colonies and acted as an unofficial form of government for all who sought freedom from Britain’s rules. From these committees, the Continental Congress was formed. 12 out of the 13 colonies elected delegates to attend the first Continental Congress. The Continental Congress eventually became the governing body. The Continental Congress consisted of 56 delegates who would meet in Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia. The Continental Congress was the group of individuals who helped create the Declaration of Independence. 


The Main Men 

Below is a list of the seven founding fathers that many consider the core group of influential individuals who helped birth our country. This list includes some information regarding the roles that each of these men played while establishing America. 


George Washington 

George Washington was the first president of America and was unanimously voted for the position. Not only is he regarded as the Father of our country, but he was also the commander and chief of the continental army.


John Adams 

John Adams served as George Washington’s Vice President. Adams then served as the second president of America. He helped write the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris. 


Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas Jefferson served as the Vice President of John Adams and later served as the third president. He also wrote the majority of the Declaration of Independence. 


James Madison   

James Madison served as the fourth president of the new country. He helped write the federalist papers.


John Jay 

John Jay was the first Chief Justice and served as such for 34 years. He was also New York’s first governor. He even helped write the Federalist Papers and the Treaty of Paris. 


Alexander Hamilton 

Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the first Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington. He is pictured on the 10-dollar bill. He also helped write the federalist papers.


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was not only an influential founding father of this nation but also a scientist and inventor. He created the Franklin stove, lightning rods, and bifocal glasses. Franklin authored the book Poor Richard’s Almanac. In this book, he included weather forecasts, astronomy, poetry, and proverbs that many still use in their vocabulary. He also helped write the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris. 


These men helped bring our country into existence by gaining independence from Britain. They also built our country from the ground up by helping form the government we have today. Keep the history of this country alive by remembering these people and their stories when celebrating this Independence Day.

 God Bless America and Happy 4th of July from us at My Local Coupons! 


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