Get to Know Ken Davenport 

Ken Davenport is a Republican candidate running for Florida’s House of Representatives. 



He is a family man married to his wife, Susan, for 24 years and has three children and plenty of pets. This Florida native grew up in Brevard County, attending Rockledge High School. He then went to UCF and received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Ken is determined in maintaining Florida’s freedom, as well as medical and religious freedoms in this state. Besides running for the Florida House of Representatives, Ken Davenport has worn many hats throughout his life ranging from a probation officer, pizza delivery guy, pizza shop owner, real estate & mortgage originating to his current occupation of being a flight attendant. Ken has a vast understanding of the Florida community by being in their shoes at one time or another. 


Main supporter

Ken’s wife, Susan Davenport, is a first-generation American, who was raised by her immigrant parents from Chile in Central Florida. Susan is Ken’s #1 cheerleader and supporter. She also attended UCF, where she studied media. Susan helped with branding and creating the logo for her husband’s campaign. She helps him every day to move around banners on their truck to advertise from their vehicle. She even got shirts for their kids to wear as well. So it is safe to say this campaign is backed by the whole Davenport family. Susan is Ken’s true campaign partner by collecting petitions and supporting her husband in any way she can.  

In Susan’s opinion, her husband can positively impact Florida “starting with his integrity, he feels called to do this so he feels a need to do it right. We have kids and we want Florida to be the best it can be for them. The better we make Florida, the better we make it for the community as a whole. Ken is doing this truly for the people. We have been Florida residents our whole lives, this is our home and Ken wants to keep it home.”  


Reason for Running

Both Susan and Ken were facing losing their jobs during the pandemic. So they contacted local representatives with many unanswered questions and phone calls. From the few representatives that did respond, they did not know enough to help. 


Future Plan 

If Ken Davenport were elected, his plan to accomplish for the state of Florida is to keep Florida free. Ken would strive to strengthen medical freedom laws that are currently in place because there are loopholes that can allow for discrimination. Ken also has an interest in strengthening the parent bill of rights as well. 


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