Some people have the unique ability to put a room together. They have an eye for colors, know how to organize the flow of a room, and find the perfect accessory pieces to tie everything together. In other words, they have the skills to make it look like they hired an interior designer. If the idea of designing a room is overwhelming to you, break it into smaller steps with these expert design tips. Below is our list of tips to help make your home look like you hired an interior designer. 

Opt for Interesting Lighting

Lighting was once viewed as nothing more than a necessity. Now, interior designers focus on this element when putting a room together. An interesting light becomes both a conversation piece and an integral part of the ambiance.

Opt for an eye-catching, artistic pendant light to hang in your home.

Look for a design that fits the overarching theme and feel of your design style. Don’t hesitate to buy something overstated and dramatic, treating your lighting as a piece of art.

Build Around Statement Pieces

It’s common for homeowners to choose a wall color and plan the rest of the room around it. Try flipping this equation and start by choosing a statement piece to set the tone for your room.

In a living room, your statement piece could be anything from an oversized piece of art to a designer sofa. In the bedroom, your statement piece might be a unique chandelier or a shiplap wall. Choose one thing that speaks to you and inspires you, then, build a room around it.

Consider Space and Functionality

Interior designers aren’t just invested in making things look great; they want a room to be functional as well. When you’re designing your home, find that balance between flow and fashion.

In the living room, ensure that guests can walk around uninhibited by obstacles. In the kitchen, use cabinets that provide functional storage so that the counters and walls can be dedicated to art. Use the out of sight, out of mind mentality when designing your rooms to keep clutter low and comfort high.

Use Various Textures

A great designer knows that your room should engage all of your senses. It’s not just what you see and hear, but also what you feel. They accomplish this feat by using various textures that engage an emotional response in a room.

For example, sleek lines and cool marble is balanced by a lush area rug and velvety curtains. A suede sofa might showcase throw pillows with brocade and herringbone. Natural elements like stone and wood create an earthy feel and roughness to a polished kitchen.

Get creative when trying to incorporate contrasts and complementary designs in a room. Think beyond color and consider texture as well.

Style Your Bookshelves

One thing that all designer homes have in common is styled bookshelves. If you want your home to look like you hired a professional interior designer, stop thinking of your shelving as only storage.

Instead of having books all in a row, break them up with other design elements. Change up how you organize your books, using both the vertical and horizontal planes to add dimension to your decor. Add plants and artwork to bring the look together and make your bookcase a showstopper.

Use Long Lush Curtains

One of the ways interior designers add texture to a room is by hanging long, lush curtains. However, these serve a bigger purpose than simply adding another textile.

Curtains, when hung high, can make a room look significantly larger and more luxurious. Rather than hanging your curtains along with the window frame, buy them long and hang them from the ceiling.

Give yourself time to build a designer-inspired room. By using these simple tips, you’ll create a room that looks magazine-worthy.


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