Living in Florida is super fun, especially during the summer. But the fun gets put on hold when the weather gets bad. July is the second month of hurricane season, which starts in June and is around until the end of November. We want to help make sure that you are informed and prepared! 

What is a Hurricane

For those who do not know, hurricanes are tropical storms that move in a circular rotation and have high winds and rain. As National Geographic states, Hurricanes have three main parts, the calm eye in the center, the eyewall where the winds and rain are the strongest, and the rain bands which spin out from the center and give the storm its size. A storm is classified as a hurricane once its winds reach above 74 mph.  

How to be Prepared For a Hurricane

Hurricanes have varying lifespans, so it is always important to prepare for the worst. If you live alone or with others, it is always more beneficial to have an emergency plan just in case. So here is a list to better equip you if a hurricane does head our way this summer. 

    Hurricane Must-haves/ Must-dos 

    • Stock up on plenty of water 
    • Stock up on canned goods and food with a long shelf life
    • Have a first aid kit 
    • Gather important documents (i.e. birth certificates, passports, etc.) 
    • Have a fire extinguisher
    • Gas up your car or all cars for your household 
    • Know where your flashlights are and check their batteries
    • Keep extra batteries just in case you need them 
    • Fill up gas cans and add fuel stabilizer so keep it fresh to use if you don’t end up using it soon after you get it
    • Have extra power banks for electronics to charge in case of a power outage
    • Remove anything from your yard or outside your home that can be swept away by strong or heavy wind 
    • Move patio or outside furniture closer to or even inside your home so it can’t cause damage from the storm 

Optional but always helpful items 

  • Generator in case of a power outage 
  • Extra gasoline to fuel generators
  • Battery-powered fans 

What to do in The Event of a Hurricane

As the hurricane approaches, prepare your home for the storm. Board up windows and lock your doors so the wind can’t push them open. Hunker down indoors, away from any windows, and make sure you know where everyone and all pets in your household are located. If you cannot shelter at your home, find local shelters available in your area. Once sheltered, keep an eye on the weather and watch the news or listen to the radio if you lose power. Be prepared to evacuate if the hurricane takes a turn for the worst, and know the evacuation route from where you are sheltering. If you cannot evacuate from your home and are in need of rescuing, call first responders for help.  

Hurricane Aftermath 

Since hurricanes bring so much wind and can cause chaotic destruction, be prepared for a mess to clean up once it is gone. There will be debris scattered around from trees, plants, and maybe even from some homes. After a hurricane, it is important to come together as a community and lift each other up after the storm.  


Please keep these hurricane tips and information in mind, so you can better prepare yourself and your family for this hurricane season. From us at Lately Magazine, stay safe Central Florida! 



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