Are you the kind of person that LOVES a good photo opp??  Do you love art and colors and cool unique things to look at?? Well, Lake Nona has one for you, and it’s simply called “The Pink Tree”.  You’re probably wondering what the heck it is but if you’re a Lake Nona Local or even visit Lake Nona frequently, then you know about the pink tree and all its glory.  It’s located off Nemours Parkway near Town Center, you can’t miss it, it’s pink!

Picture it. Valentine’s Day, your significant other surprises you with dinner but instead of it being at a loud and busy restaurant, it is enjoyed under a tree, but not just any tree, the pink tree!  I don’t know about you but that just seems so perfectly “Valentine’s Day” to me.  I know Valentine’s Day is once per year on February 14th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic evening under the pink tree all year round, especially in Florida where the weather is always beautiful.

About the Tree

Okay, back to the tree.  So, the story goes that this beautiful tree was once thriving and bountiful with leaves, but it got an illness and over time it died of natural causes.  Lake Nona’s landscaping would typically remove this tree like a dead tree does not fit the cohesive aesthetic of beautiful and well-manicured Lake Nona, but instead, the heavens shined upon this poor sick tree, and along came the artist “Samantha’s Walls”.  There is a cool short video from when the tree was painted if you want to check it out on Samantha’s Walls Instagram page.  Along with Samantha’s Walls, the Tavistock Company and Lanco Paints helped to make this beautiful public art piece possible and for that, we are so grateful.  Now The Pink Tree stands out in the park amongst its green and brown tree friends and it truly shines like a huge pop of color in a natural-colored landscape. 

The Pink Tree is just one of the many public art installations that are around Lake Nona.  I will talk more about each piece in the coming issues but how fun would it be to do a little tour around Lake Nona for these bits of art?  They really did think of everything when creating Lake Nona and you have access to so much cool stuff in and around your town. 

In conclusion, whether it be Valentine’s Day or just a normal Saturday, make your way to Lake Nona.  There are a plethora of things to enjoy day or night in this cool little town.  Lake Nona has all the restaurants, all the art, and all the entertainment.  If you ask me, I think Lake Nona locals are pretty lucky.


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