Laser tag is a thrilling and action-packed game that has captivated both kids and adults alike. If you’re in Orlando and seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure, you’re in luck! Orlando boasts several top-notch laser tag arenas that offer exciting gameplay and unforgettable experiences. Let’s dive into the world of laser tag and discover the best places to play in the city.

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Top Laser Tag in Orlando

Battleground Orlando

Battleground Orlando provides an immersive laser tag experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and intricate themed arenas, players can engage in epic battles and tactical challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned laser tag enthusiast or a first-time player, Battleground Orlando promises an exhilarating adventure for all. Not to mention, this is labeled as the largest laser tag complex in Florida so, be prepared for a great time. In addition, be prepared to get dirty as this is a combat-esque experience. 



Step into the extraordinary world of Wonderworks, where laser tag takes on a whole new dimension. This unique entertainment center offers not only mind-bending exhibits but also a cutting-edge laser tag arena. Prepare to be transported to an alternate universe as you navigate through the futuristic battleground, dodging lasers and strategizing with your team. Also, this experience is included with your ticket to Wonderworks!


Andretti Orlando

Andretti is a paradise for thrill-seekers, and laser tag is just one of the many attractions it offers. The multi-level laser tag arena at Andretti Orlando delivers an immersive experience, complete with vibrant lights and heart-racing music. Engage in adrenaline-fueled battles, showcasing your skills and teamwork as you aim for victory. Besides, you can expect to use the newest and best equipment from Delta Strike to fuel your laser battles!


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Warrior Sports Park

For those seeking a unique laser tag experience, Warrior Sports Park delivers an outdoor adventure like no other. Set amidst lush greenery, this expansive park features thrilling laser tag courses that combine natural terrain with strategic obstacles. Unleash your inner warrior as you navigate through Orlando’s largest outdoor tactical laser and paintball facility.


Main Event Orlando

Main Event Orlando is a one-stop destination for entertainment enthusiasts, and laser tag is a highlight of their offerings. Step into their cutting-edge arena, equipped with the latest laser tag technology. Engage in fast-paced battles, weaving through intricate mazes, and testing your skills against friends and fellow laser tag enthusiasts.


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Elev8 Fun

Elev8 Fun takes laser tag to new heights! This unique indoor trampoline park has a lot to offer! Not to mention, here you have over 5,000 square feet for laser tag alone! Elev8 Fun offers an unforgettable laser tag experience that will leave you wanting more.


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Dezerland Orlando

Dezerland offers an immersive entertainment experience, and their laser tag arena is no exception. Step into a world of futuristic themes and cutting-edge technology as you engage in fast-paced laser tag battles. With multiple game modes and a variety of arena designs, Dezerland ensures a thrilling and dynamic laser tag experience for players of all ages.


Map of Laser Tag in Orlando

Final Thoughts 

Orlando is a laser tag lover’s paradise, with an array of exceptional venues to choose from. Whether you prefer the high-tech environments of Battleground Orlando and Wonderworks, the multi-attraction experience of Andretti Orlando and Main Event, or the outdoor excitement of Warrior Sports Park, there’s a laser tag destination to suit every preference. Embark on an unforgettable adventure and make lasting memories as you immerse yourself in the thrilling world of laser tag in Orlando.

Remember, when it comes to laser tag in Orlando, the possibilities for excitement and fun are limitless!

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