New Year’s is a fun time to end the holiday season for everyone! With hope and optimism filling our hearts and minds about the year ahead, we celebrate! However, as a parent, midnight on New Year’s Eve can’t get here fast enough. Whether you are trying to attend an event or to keep the kid’s bedtime routine in check, we put together everything you need for a New Year’s Countdown for Kids! 

Below you will find countdowns to stream for your little ones and activities to keep them busy as they wait to ring in the New Year!

New Year’s Eve Countdown for Kids to Stream 


If you have a Netflix subscription higher than the Basic ads plan, you will have access to all of Netflix’s collection of New Year’s countdowns. These countdowns are featuring many popular characters and children’s shows on the platform. 



Many parents know that Youtube is a great place for kids to learn and watch videos to help with their development and growth. Youtube is also a great place for New Year’s Eve countdowns. There is a plethora from over the years. If you have little ones who don’t understand what year they are counting down, this is great for previous countdowns. As the new year approaches more countdowns for 2023 are bound to be uploaded but in the meantime 2022 and prior are your best bet for the largest selection of kid-friendly content.


New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

Countdown Clock Papercraft

This is a popular craft for many kids to do for New Year’s. The countdown clock is a printout paper clock that the kids color every hour to countdown to midnight. Each hour on the clock is sectioned off like a pie and the kids can color in each slot according to the hour.


Decorate a Printable Calendar for The Year to Come 

If your kid(s) are still learning the calendar months, this activity is great for them to be creative and learn the order of the 12 months that make up the year. At the top of every page, they can draw an image to represent that month. This activity can be a great memory activity for kids too; if you engage them in conversation and recall the different seasons as well as maybe something they can remember from certain months this year.


Practice Counting Down to the New Year

If your child or children are still learning numbers, counting can help build those connections in their minds. This is a learning activity to help them be excited about the new year but alternatively helps them learn how to count at the same time. 


Make New Year’s Glasses

If you have ever gone to the store during the time leading up to New Year’s Eve, you probably have seen light-up glasses that are in the shape of the numbers for the New Year. The glasses we are recommending you make are made of paper and don’t have lights built in; however, it can be a fun craft to make silly glasses for the kids to wear as they countdown to the New Year.  


Make Party Hats 

Just like the iconic New Year’s glasses, party hats are notorious for New Year’s Eve party attire. Making party hats using printouts or printer paper and construction paper can be a fun and creative activity for kids to do in preparation for the New Year. 


Final Thoughts 

New Year’s countdowns are a fun way to close out the year. But, these countdowns become even more meaningful when you spend this precious time with your child(ren) creating these core memories and traditions with them. We hope you enjoy these New Year’s countdown for kids and find these activities helpful as well! Have a Happy New Year! Enjoy! 


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