Air duct cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular due to indoor air pollution as a growing concern. Indoor air pollution can be caused by a variety of factors including not cleaning your home enough, not changing air filters regularly, and having a heating and cooling system not working properly.

If you ever notice any mold growth on or near your ducts or heating and cooling systems, then you should consider cleaning your air ducts to be certain you are not breathing in spores. Besides having clean air ducts, having clean dryer vents are important too. If not cleaned, dryer vents can become a fire hazard within your home. Below we provided a list of our favorite air duct cleaning companies in Orlando along with some other notable Orlando cleaning companies.  

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Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Orlando

Orlando Kwik Dry


Orlando Kwik Dry is your place for Residential and Commercial Cleaning services. This five-star rated cleaning company cleans air ducts, dryer vents, carpets, upholstery, tile & grout, mattresses, and wood floors.  


Downtown Air & Heat


Downtown Air & Heat specializes in air quality and system services. They provide services for air conditioning, heating, ductwork, commercial HVAC, and indoor air quality! 


Clean Ducts Orlando 


Clean Ducts Orlando is one of the top air duct cleaning companies in Orlando. With them, you can obtain duct cleaning & repair services, fan motor replacement, air conditioning repair, system installation, and air conditioning maintenance. 




Ductz is a premiere HVAC restoration company for the Greater Orlando area. This highly-rated company offers residential and commercial HVAC system cleaning and restoration, residential and commercial indoor air quality services, dryer vent cleaning services, and dryer vent installation and repair services. 


Air Mavericks


Air Mavericks is a family-owned and operated business that performs HVAC services. Some of these services include air duct cleaning, UV lights, air duct sanitizing, coil cleaning, commercial air duct cleaning, a/c repair, a/c maintenance, a/c installation, and blower cleaning. 


ABC Cleaning INC


ABC Cleaning INC. is family owned and operated as well as the largest duct cleaning company in Central Florida. Their services include air duct cleaning, in-duct air purification, air duct disinfection, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, dryer vent cleaning, commercial air duct cleaning, mold and mildew preventative treatment, home duct sealing, and a/c 


Frank Gay Services


Frank Gay Services is a multifaceted company that has served Central Florida since 1976. This company provides services for heating, cooling, plumbing, drains, and electrical needs. 


Other Orlando Home Cleaning Services

Young’s Chimney Services 

For Dryer Vents: 407-323-8881 | For Chimneys: 407-322-1181 

Young’s Chimney Services is an A+ accredited business with the BBB. Young’s provides chimney inspections, waterproofing, washing, sealing, caps, chase pans, firebox repair, flue obstructions, and animal screens for your chimney. Plus, this company also does dryer vent cleaning, dryer fire hazard prevention, and dryer proficiency and performance services.  


Vue Cleaning Service


Vue Cleaning Service is a family-owned business. They offer top-notch home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and commercial sanitizing (following CDC guidelines) services. Vue offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


Neilson Cleaning Services


Neilson Cleaning Services is a top provider of quality roof cleaning and pressure washing services in the Central Florida area! Their services include no-pressure chemical cleaning, soft house washing, gutter cleaning, concrete cleaning and stain removal, screen enclosures, fences, and more! They also provide painting services! 



  • Should I have my air ducts cleaned?

It is entirely up to you if you wish to clean your air ducts. However, if you notice any abnormal growth, either around your vents or on your heating and cooling system. We highly recommend considering a good air duct cleaning.


  • How much does air duct cleaning cost? 

According to the EPA, air duct cleaning services typically cost from $450 to $1,000. These prices depend on your system size, accessibility, where you live, and how severely your system is contaminated. 


  • Should I have my dryer vent cleaned? 

Yes! At the very least, we advise you to clean your dryer vents. Dryer vents can become clogged with lint, dust, and dirt. Uncleaned dryer vents can cause a house fire if left untouched. 


Final Thoughts 

We recommend that you think about having your air ducts and dryer vents cleaned. Air duct cleaning in Orlando can be very beneficial since we live in a humid climate where mold and mildew can grow easily. We highly recommend the service providers that we have listed above, to help get your air ducts nice and clean! Have you received service from any of the businesses that we have mentioned? Let us know what you think! Enjoy Orlando! 

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