Tax services in Orlando refer to the professional assistance provided to individuals and businesses in the area for their tax-related needs. These services range from tax preparation and filing to tax planning and consulting, and can help taxpayers navigate tax laws and regulations. The goal of tax services in Orlando is to ensure that clients are in compliance with all tax obligations and are taking advantage of any tax benefits or deductions available to them. Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, tax services in Orlando can provide peace of mind and help you stay on top of your tax responsibilities.

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Orlando Tax Services 

Below you can find a list of tax services in Orlando that we recommend!

1. USA Pro Tax 

Multiple Locations

USA Pro Tax is here to help with your tax filing needs! They have tax professionals who will help you get the most value in your tax deductions. Besides navigating through personal returns, USA Tax also aids Small Businesses in filing as well!


2. Insight Tax Services 

901 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801

Insight Tax Services in Orlando is a tax service provider for individuals and businesses in the area. They specialize in solving IRS problems. Their services include assistance with IRS problem resolution, tax preparation, and filing as well as tax planning and consulting.


3. H&R Block Tax Preparation Services

Multiple Locations 

H&R Block is a well-known provider of tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. H&R Block offers a variety of tax preparation options, including in-person visits to their tax offices, online services, and do-it-yourself tax software. They are dedicated to providing accurate and complete tax returns, and their tax professionals are trained to help clients take advantage of any tax benefits or deductions available to them.


4. Gerard Family Inc. 

2010 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806

Gerard Family Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that provides tax services for individuals and businesses in the Orlando area. They will help you file your taxes at affordable rates. Besides helping file your taxes, Gerard Family is here to help with getting the most out of your tax return as possible.


5. Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA

37 N Orange Ave UNIT 519, Orlando, FL 32801

Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA is a tax and accounting firm. They offer services to dentists, veterinarians, and doctors. The goal of Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA is to provide clients with financial management solutions, accounting, and tax needs to the previously stated industries.


6. Master Tax Service Inc. 

3846 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806

Master Tax Service Inc. is a tax preparation and consulting firm. They offer both people and companies a variety of tax services, such as payroll, accounting, and tax filing.


7. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Multiple Locations

Tax preparation and consultation services are offered to both individuals and corporations by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. A wide range of tax preparation choices are available from Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, which has a sizable network of tax offices spread around the nation. These options include tax software that allows you to do it yourself, in-person visits to their tax offices, and online services.

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  • When can I begin filing for 2022? 

January 23, 2023 was the official first date you could begin filing. 

  • By what date do I need to have my taxes filed? 

You need to have your 2022 taxes filed no later than April 18, 2023. 

For additional information about filing taxes and other frequently asked questions click this link.


Map of Tax Services in Orlando


Final thoughts 

Tax services in Orlando play a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses meet their tax obligations while maximizing their tax benefits. By working with these experienced tax professionals, taxpayers can ensure that their tax returns are accurate and complete, and can minimize their risk of an audit or other tax-related problems. Whether you need help with tax preparation, tax planning, or other tax-related services, we recommend the Orlando tax services we listed above to help you achieve your financial goals. By taking advantage of these services, you can focus on growing your business or improving your financial situation, and feel secure in the knowledge that your taxes are in good hands.

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