Are you looking for the best flooring options to use in your Florida home? We got you covered! Below we have a full list of the best flooring options to choose from for your Florida homes. 

Optimal Flooring Choices for Florida Homes

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Flooring for florida homes. This is an image of what tile flooring looks like.

Tiles are water resistant and easy to clean, which are great qualities for Florida’s humid climate. Plus, tiles always feel cold to the touch. These are great options because there is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Tiles are typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. However, in Florida, it is typical for tiles to be throughout the whole house. Tiles are also an allergy-friendly design choice. Not to mention, they are scratch resistant as well. 


Engineered Hardwood 

This is an image of engineered hardwood flooring.

Now you may be wondering, what is engineered hardwood flooring? This flooring is very similar to hardwood flooring. However, it is made to be stronger and with the ability to withstand moisture better than regular hardwood. Each plank of this particular flooring has multiple layers of recycled wood that are glued together that make up the underside. The topside of this flooring is usually made with more durable wood and sealed to repel moisture. Engineered hardwood can be sanded and laid upon a cement slab.  


Wood Look Flooring 

Flooring for florida homes. This is an image of wood look tile flooring in a honey oak color.

Wood look flooring is a very popular design choice right now. There are so many different options to choose from like vinyl, laminate, and even tile flooring. All of these options look like natural wood without the cost. Plus, wood look flooring uses durable materials that suit Florida’s climate. Above is an image of wood look tiles. Many are deterred from this style choice because of the grout lines, but you can have next to no grout lines and change the color of the grout to make the tiles look seamless and like natural hardwood. These wood look options are easier to clean than hardwood. Not to mention, most can take on water and moisture better than any form of natural wood flooring. Plus, wood look tile flooring can be used throughout the whole house.


Vinyl Flooring 

Flooring for florida homes. This is vinyl flooring made to look like wood.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for your Florida home. This flooring comes in many different forms such as tiles, planks, and sheets. Not to mention, this type of floor is moisture resistant. It is designed to look like just about anything that is currently on the market for floorings like wood, marble, and even stone at a low cost. Plus, this flooring option is very easy to install. So, you can get that expensive look for a fraction of the price!


Laminate Flooring 

Flooring for florida homes. This is an image of laminate flooring in 5 different wood colors.

Laminate flooring is a low-cost option that is typically in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Even though this flooring option is low cost, it is not entirely waterproof and tends to absorb moisture. This option is still better than carpeting and hardwood in Florida. The key to it lasting a long time in this climate is making sure that laminate floors are installed properly. Do not let water or any liquid sit on this surface for long periods otherwise, it can ruin the floor. It is made to look and feel like real wood. Laminate flooring is a synthetic material.


Natural Stone Flooring 

Flooring for florida homes. This is an image of natural stone tiling.

Natural stone flooring is a very aesthetic style choice that can be a pricey option. Not only can the stone be pricey, but the installation will be as well since it requires professional help. However, stone is easy to clean and most are low maintenance. Some popular stone choices are travertine, granite, limestone, and slate. Some options can be easily scratched or chipped. So please look into the stones you choose for flooring. This flooring can be used inside the home but also outside as well.  


FAQs When Looking for the Best Flooring for Florida Homes 

  • Why should I be concerned about the flooring in my Florida home? 

The climate here is rather extreme. So, you want to have flooring that will be able to withstand these weather conditions. The flooring options we listed above all are great in the Florida climate and last a long time. 

  • Aren’t there other flooring options to choose from? 

Yes, other flooring options consist of carpet and luxury vinyl flooring. These options will work within any Florida home as well. Carpet is usually not recommended since Florida is such a hot climate. Carpets can make you feel rather warm in your home. This is why tile flooring is better since it will always feel cold to the touch.

  • What about natural hardwood flooring? 

Natural hardwood flooring is not optimal for the Florida climate since the wood expands and contracts with heating and cooling. Florida’s weather conditions can be too harsh on the wood which can cause the wood to buckle and crack. So, even if you had hardwood flooring it wouldn’t last as long due to the weather. This is why it is best to stick with either engineered hardwood or wood-look flooring. 

  • What should I look for in the best flooring to use for my Florida home? 

Based on our recommendations, key requirements for flooring that is to be used in Florida homes is water resistant or waterproof flooring, scratch resistance, and a surface that is relatively easy to clean.  


Final Thoughts 

We hope you find this list useful in finding the perfect flooring for your Florida home. Have you used any of these flooring options before? Which one of these flooring types would you choose? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Enjoy Florida!


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