Memorial Day is right around the corner; what better way to commemorate veterans than finding that specific spot to visit close to Orlando where you can reflect on the lives of many? The Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park, located in Lake Nona, adjacent to the Orlando VA Medical Center, is the place we have in mind. This tranquil escape is a serene view to remember the ultimate sacrifice of Central Florida’s Veterans. 

All about the Park

This Veteran Memorial Park is right off the coast of a beautiful lake, which provides peaceful scenery for all who visit. The main monument is a concrete archway that overlooks the lake. This archway has the American Flag and Florida State Flag accompanying it, along with smaller granite monuments proudly standing on both sides of the archway. These smaller monuments commemorate approximately 1,100 veterans from the Central Florida area (including Orange, Lake, Brevard, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties) that state the names of those who have fallen during specific wars. 

The scenery

This memorial is a heartfelt and peaceful site for people to come and visit, reflect, and connect with veterans and loved ones. And don’t forget how close it is to the Orlando VA Medical Center, this monument is just a short walk away for those who have time while visiting the medical center to go on over to the memorial park! There is seating along with the monuments for those who wish to take in the scenery a little longer. This clean and relaxing landscaping is paid for by donations made to an Endowment fund. If you would like to contribute to the Endowment fund that helps with the cost of maintaining this beautiful memorial, here is the link on how to donate! 

Be respectful this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is most definitely one of the significant days of the year to celebrate our troops, past and or present, but it can especially be a difficult time for some. If you or a loved one struggle with grief this time of year, know that you are not alone and that there may be local grief counseling in your area at churches and therapy sessions (speak with your doctor and local churches for more information). Also, this time of year may be difficult for some veterans. If you are a veteran who suffers from grief, trauma, or PTSD, know that you are never alone. You can seek guidance from the Orlando VA Medical Center for a tailored experience, help, and medical guidance here in Central Florida. If you wish to learn more about the Orlando VA Medical Center see our Orlando VA Medical Center Article (which provides more information on PTSD) or visit Orlando VA Medical Center’s website to obtain information on how to get help and treatment options.  

Final Thoughts

Note: Please be courteous to Veterans on and around holidays when it comes to celebrating with fireworks. Fireworks may be a fun choice to you but a reminder of pain to some. So, please be mindful if you choose to use fireworks in celebration of Memorial Day.  

From us at Lately Magazine, God Bless America, and thank you to our troops for all that you do for our country. 


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