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Hey Lake Nona! It’s officially the dog days of summer, and what better way to kick it off than to reflect on the Disco Dog statue. The dog days of summer are about the weather being super hot and humid from July 3rd through August 11th. This Disco Dog statue is the giant mirror-like dog sculpture by the code wall garage in the heart of Lake Nona. For those living in Lake Nona, odds are you probably saw this pup already; but if not, you should check it out! Keep reading to learn more about this best-in-show sculpture!  

Disco Dog

Located near the southeast entrance of the main parking garage for Town Center, this dog proudly sits 35 feet tall and weighs in at 3,100 pounds of stainless steel. This good boy is structured after the Labrador Retriever and sculpted by JEFRE, who so happens to be a local artist that resides here in Orlando.

Get to Know the Artist

JEFRE is also the same artist who created the code wall for the main Town Center parking garage and the Beacon in Town Center. If you couldn’t tell by the beautiful artwork on display here in Lake Nona, JEFRE is known globally most certainly for his life-size public art pieces. JEFRE has artwork on display in many cities, such as: London, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Abu Dhabi, San Antonio, and Manila. His work has also been showcased in some solo exhibitions, one of which was in Orlando last year! JEFRE puts so much thought into each piece that he constructs with such heartfelt meaning in inspiring ways. The significance behind this Disco Dog statue is a poetic reflection of Lake Nona. The Disco Dog is intentionally reflective to represent water like the Lake in the name Lake Nona. The Labrador shape is to embody a welcoming presence for all who enter Town Center. 

At Lately Magazine, we love showcasing beautiful structures and well-known places in our communities. We believe it is crucial to be in the know and make an effort to understand the world around us. We also find it beneficial to expand upon local artwork and installments such as the Disco Dog because the meaning behind such beautiful work leaves a lasting and inspiring impression for all who take the time to know more.  



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