We have all seen the popular TV shows on HGTV about tiny houses and maybe somewhere deep down inside we have longed for a simpler, less expensive life too. Even if it was at the expense of our space and our “things”, you cannot deny this has been tempting to most. Heck, I have contemplated it on several occasions, and I am still interested in learning more about this lifestyle. So, what’s the deal with going tiny in Central Florida? It seems like every place I see for tiny homes is located in hipster Portland or Washington State, and that’s a far drive from Florida. Now lets get tiny in O-Town!

Why Tiny?

Before I tell you where to see and explore tiny homes and communities in Central Florida, let’s talk about why tiny house living has become so attractive in these last few years. First of all, the obvious, they cost less. Often times you have no mortgage and way fewer household bills hanging over your head. In this rat race of working to survive and most having little to no disposable income, that can seem pretty tempting. Just think about the things you could do if you lived with less and have fewer bills. Travel, private schools for your kids, less working, and trying to make that overtime money to survive, more time with family. I mean, you had me at fewer bills! The stress of making payments and paying bills can really wear on someone over time. Especially in this season of the world where businesses are suffering, and people are trying to just stay afloat during a pandemic that has changed everyone’s lives!


Some tiny homes have the ability to be moved to a new location and for those gypsies at heart, this would be ideal. Think about wanting to stay in Tennessee for fall to see the changing of the leaves and then coming back to Florida for the summer and beaches, all while transporting your worldly possessions with you, what a life!


Maybe your concern is leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our world, having less waste, and using fewer utilities? Well, with a tiny house you can achieve this. It’s no surprise our planet is in trouble and who knows what will be around for our great-great-great-grandchildren. But think about this, if everyone in the world lives with a smaller carbon footprint, what could this world look like in 100 years? I’m sure it would be 10x better than it is now. Remember when COVID started and everyone basically stayed home for two months? During those two months, Earth-observing satellites detected a significant decrease in the concentration of common air pollutants! That was just from fewer cars, planes, and trains traveling. Imagine if everyone used less water and energy, the positive effect would be stunning.

Final Thoughts

My favorite reason to go tiny is to have a simpler life. There is no room for gizmos and gadgets and an excessive wardrobe that you will never wear. Tiny house owners must dramatically pair down their lives in order to live comfortably in their new surroundings.

So, to get back to the discussion at hand, “wherein Orlando can one go to look for tiny homes?” Upon my research, I was stunned to find out that Orlando has a plethora of tiny house builders and tiny home communities right at our fingertips.


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